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The Benefits of Zinc Are More Than You Can Imagine

The Benefits of Zinc

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The benefits of zinc are more than you can imagine and preventive medicine advice of the importance of consuming it during infection with Corona. Today we would like to shed more light on its natural sources

Why is zinc important for the body?

  • Zinc is an essential element that plays an important role in many physiological functions in your body.
  • Useful for all organs, tissues and fluids inside the human body in general,
  • It plays a vital role in the growth process as well as improving fertility.
  • It has a clear role in maintaining the sense of good appetite.
  • Zinc plays a prominent role in raising the efficiency of the immune system.

What are your daily needs of zinc?

  • For every woman, take 8 mg of zinc per day, and for males, 11 mg.

Where is zinc found?

There are many foods available that contains zinc, and it is not limited to nuts as some believe, like:

  • 100 grams of ground beef contains 4.8 mg of zinc, which is 43% of the recommended daily intake for men.
  • 6 medium oysters provide about 32 mg of zinc, which equates to 290% of the recommended daily intake for men.
  • 100 grams of cooked lentils contain about 12% of a male’s recommended daily intake.
  • 28 grams of cashews contain 14% of the recommended daily intake for men.

The benefits of zinc Supplements

Zinc supplements are vital for a healthy immune system, promoting healthy growth in childhood, healing wounds and other benefits including:

1.Boosts Immunity:

Zinc supplements helps T cells in the body in two ways

2. Diarrhea treatment:
  • Studies have shown that taking zinc supplements for 10 days is effective in treating diarrhea
  • It also helps prevent future attacks.
3. Effects of zinc on learning and memory:
  • Studies have shown that zinc has a critical role in regulating how nerve cells communicate with one another.
  • It affects how memories are formed.
  • It has a major role in developing the concept of how we learn.
4. Wound Healing:
  • Zinc plays a role in maintaining skin integrity and structure.
  • It plays a big role in patients who suffer from chronic wounds or ulcers and who often have a lack of zinc metabolism and low levels of zinc in the blood.
5. Zinc and Fertility:
  • People who take zinc supplements have more sperm.
  • A study has proven that zinc deficiency may be a risk factor for low sperm quality and male infertility.

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