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Dawsat's Corporate
Wellness Program

The First Weight Loss & Healthy Living Solution
Based on Traditional Arab Culture

How Dawsat's Corporate Wellness Program Can Help Your Organization

Based on years of helping over 50,000 people across the Arab world improve their wellness and lose weight, Dawsat offers employers, insurers and healthcare providers a platform for helping reduce the prevalence of obesity and related diseases within their employee and beneficiary community.

Dawsat leverages:

  • Advanced technology
  • Digital tools
  • The power of community 
  • Deep science and nutrition knowledge
  • Rich data dashboards
io create behavior change, improve wellness, reduce obesity and reduce healthcare costs across the Middle East. 
Dawsat is the partner of choice for large employers, insurers and healthcare providers looking to improve the healh and wellness of their Arabic-speaking community members.  


Services & Packages

  • Daily articles on healthy living and easy health and wellness tips
  • Personalized menu
  • Fitness tracking and videos
  • In-App community
  • Motivating personal notifications
  • Dawsat cookbook

Online Support Groups​

  • Weekly in-App meetings led by trained
    Dawsat group leaders & nutritionists
  • 24/7 support from like-minded community
  • Rich data analysis
  • Personalized coaching & progress review
  • Dashboards for cross-organization KPI-tracking
  • Feedback for behavior change
  • Sustained results
  • Ramadan & Eid programs
  • (average weight loss among Dawsat program subscribers 10% of body weight)​

Healthy & Tasty Food Delivery

Riyadh, KSA only for now. Please contact us through the form below for more information.

What we are aiming to do for you:

  • Help your employees feel good and happy​
  • Improve employee wellness and health by improving their lifestle, eating and exercise habits, consistent with Arabic culture and without giving up the foods they love​
  • Improve employees’ family health (increase worker productivity due to fewer family sick days, reduce weight among family members, healthier habits among family members. ​

Employees are the most important asset of every organization. Investing in employee wellness can encourage better teamwork, increased productvity and reduce sickleave and workplace accidents.

We know how to get that done.

Let our corporate wellness program energize your company.

Obesity-related disease could affect over 60% of your employees, with many of them managing more than one condition.

Reduce the prevalence of multiple cases among your employees and your community with the Dawsat Corporate Health Program:

  • Pre-diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol​

Improve the health and wellness of your employees, increase productivity, reduce sick leave and workplace accidents and make your company an even more desirable place to work.

1 %
body weigHT

Average weight loss over 13-week program.

1 %
Weight loss

Maintain 5% or more weight loss 1 year after completing program.

1 %
return IN healthcare savings TO COMPANIES

Based on reduction in likelihood of developing Diabetes & CVD and Harvard Business Review Report.

Contact us
for pricing and a
customized proposal to meet your organization’s needs.​

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