About Dawsat

DAWSAT: Your Wellness From Your Kitchen

Dawsat is a digital platform that supports thousands of people across the Arab world on their journey to wellness, combining technology, the latest in science and nutrition and a passion for Arab culture and food.

Dawsat is building an Artificial Intelligence-based platform to leveraging that most fundamental source of strength and support in the Arab world-community. Dawsat’s digital tools give participants the benefit of personalized and community-based targets, encouragement and success in improving their wellness.

Based on years of research, and development of the first total wellness program based on the Arab kitchen, we provide rich digital tools, in-person and online group support and an in-app social community that provides a path to wellness and healthy living. All this, without any food restrictions and without making drastic changes to lifestyle.

Developed based on years of experience and research by Mas Watad, the Dawsat solution has offerings for women, men and children across the Arab world.

The Dawsat method is a scientifically reliable resource on healthy living for the Arab world.

Our participants lose an average of 13% of their body weight, maintain weight loss 12-18 months later, demonstrate increased healthy habits (more vegetables, more movement) and show improved mood.

Dawsat’s social community and digital tools (app and website resources) and weekly group meetings help our participants bring wellness into their everyday lives.

Using the Dawsat platform, thousands of people have improved their health and assisted their families and communities in making healthier nutrition choices to address the growing obesity and diabetes epidemic across the Middle East.

With over 150M Arabic-speaking internet users, and some of the highest rates of smartphone usage in the world found in the MENA region, Dawsat’s digital offering offering seeks to leverage increased digital access and awareness of the importance of improved health to reverse the obesity epidemic and bring wellness to the MENA region.

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