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About Dawsat

What is Dawsat

Dawsat is a digital community that offers tools, a proven methodology and weekly group meetings to help participants bring wellness into their everyday lives.

At Dawsat we are building an Artificial Intelligence-based platform to leverage the most fundamental source of strength and support in the Arab world – community. Our tools give participants the benefit of personalized and community-based goals, encouragement, and success in improving their wellness.

The Dawsat solution has been developed based on years of experience and research by trained dietician Mas Watad. We have personalized offerings for women, men and children across the Arab world. As a result-oriented program, data shows participants lose an average of 11% of their body weight, maintain weight loss 12-18 months later, demonstrate increased healthy habits, and show improved mood with the help of Dawsat’s methodology and tools.


We aim to reach hundreds of thousands of people across the Arab world and equip them with tools that not only assist in improving their own health and nutrition choices, but that of their families and communities. We do this by working directly with end-user customers as well as with their employers and insurers to create the widest possible impact in reversing the region’s trend of obesity and diabetes.


Dawsat’s mission is to provide rich digital tools, in-person and online group support and an in-app social community that provides a path to wellness and healthy living; without food restrictions and drastic changes to lifestyle.


Dawsat’s vision combines technology, the latest in science and nutrition, and the passion for Arab culture and food, to make an impact on people’s journey to wellness and address the growing obesity and diabetes epidemic across the Middle East.