DAWSAT: Your Wellness From Your Kitchen

Dawsat is the first and only wellness program based on an easy-to-follow points system and the traditional Arab kitchen.  We provide a path to wellness and healthy living without giving up the foods you love and without making drastic changes to your lifestyle

Developed based on years of experience and research by Mas Watad , Dawsat provides a digital platform and in-person methodology to deliver our proven weight loss and wellness solution to women, men and children across the Arab world

Our method is a scientifically reliable resource on healthy living for the Arab world

Dawsat's digital tools (app and website resources)  and weekly group meetings help our participants lose weight, improve their health and assist their families and communities in making healthier nutrition choices to address the growing obesity and diabetes epidemic across the Middle East

We enable people across the Arab world to tap into their inner desire to be entrepreneurs and leaders in their community's well-being by becoming Wellness Entrepreneurs

Dawsat is leveraging the rapid growth of Arabic Internet and mobile access to make our solution readily and easily available to our users and to make their weight loss experience simpler, more enjoyable and more effective

Join us

:Feel Free to contact us at our UK branch 207 Regent St. 3rd Floor London W1B 3HH

Phone: +44-33-08080872